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Our Story

My mama taught me to take pride in being a woman and to appreciate the imperfections along with the blessings, and we wanted to create a place where a woman could feel good about being EXACTLY who she is! A woman who still might be searching for the mold she came from; she listens to her music too loud, has more fun than she should on nights when she maybe shouldn't, does her damnedest not to conform, and lives her life to the fullest. ~ Summer


Thus began Ya Ya Gurlz!


It's often hard to pin point which of us is the mama and which one is the daughter- we wouldn't have it any other way. Growing up has been the hardest thing we've ever tried to do, so we finally decided to give up trying and embrace the spunky little girl in ourselves that we had been trying so hard to silence!  We're late. A LOT. We cry, laugh, scream, and sometimes all in the same day! We tend to stray from traditional anything & live for the unexpected.


"It's the imperfections that teach us we can fly."